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Graphite Dies

Graphite Dies

Product Description:

graphite dies refers to a mold made of graphite as the main raw material. Graphite has excellent thermal conductivity, lubricity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical stability and other characteristics, so graphite diess have been widely used in industrial production.

The specific application areas of graphite diess mainly include:

graphite diess for non-ferrous metal continuous casting and semi-continuous casting: In recent years, advanced production methods such as direct continuous (or semi-continuous) manufacturing of rods or pipes from the molten metal state are being promoted at home and abroad. Artificial graphite is considered to be the most suitable material as a mold for continuous casting or semi-continuous casting of non-ferrous metals. Production practice has proved that due to the use of graphite diess, factors such as good thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity determines the solidification speed of metal or alloy), good self-lubricating properties of the mold, etc., not only increase the casting speed, but also increase the casting speed due to the size of the ingot. It is precise, has smooth surface and uniform crystal structure, and can be directly processed in the next process. This not only greatly improves the yield rate and reduces waste loss, but also greatly improves product quality.

Molds for pressure casting: Artificial graphite materials have been successfully used in pressure casting of non-ferrous metals. For example, zinc alloy and copper alloy castings produced from pressurized casting molds made of artificial graphite materials have been used in automobile parts and other aspects.

graphite dies for centrifugal casting: graphite dies has been successfully used in centrifugal casting. The United States has used artificial graphite diess with a wall thickness of more than 25 mm to centrifugally cast bronze casings. In order to prevent the artificial graphite dies from burning, certain anti-oxidation measures can be taken. After casting a certain number of castings, if it is found that the inner surface of the casting mold is burned, the size of the inner hole of the casting mold can be enlarged so that it can be used to cast large-size casings.

Hot pressing mold: Artificial graphite hot pressing mold is used for pressure sintering of cemented carbide and has the following characteristics: First, if the pressing temperature is increased to 1350-1450 degrees, the required unit pressure can be reduced to 67-100 Kilogram force/square centimeter (that is, 1/10 of the cold pressing pressure) is enough; second, pressing and heating are carried out in the same process, and a dense sintered body can be obtained after a short period of sintering.

Molds for glass molding: Due to the chemical stability of graphite materials, they are not susceptible to infiltration by molten glass and will not change the composition of the glass. Graphite materials have good thermal shock resistance and small size changes with temperature. Therefore, they have been used in glass manufacturing in recent years. It has become an indispensable mold material and can be used to make molds for glass tubes, elbows, funnels and other special-shaped glass bottles.

graphite diess have the following advantages:

It has good thermal conductivity and can conduct heat quickly, allowing metal or glass to solidify quickly and improve the quality of castings.

Good lubricity can reduce friction and reduce mold wear.

Good wear resistance and long service life.

It has good corrosion resistance and is not easily corroded by molten metal or glass.

It has good chemical stability and will not react chemically with metal or glass.

graphite diess have important application value in industrial production. With the advancement of science and technology, the application fields of graphite diess will become more extensive.





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