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    Inner Mongolia Karssen Metallurgy Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of graphite and carbon products in China. Karssen has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. Relying on Inner Mongolia's rich natural resources and cheap electricity prices, Karssen can provide customers with high-quality and price-competitive products. The founder and engineer of Karssen comes from graphite production company and have rich experience in the field of graphite and carbon products. We can provide customers with clear pre-sale consultation, fast-tracking service during sale and after-sale problem handling service.

    At present, Karssen provides a full range of graphite and carbon products, including graphite electrodes, graphite machined products and various carbon-based composite materials.

    Before placing an order, we can provide customers with detailed pre-sales consultation, could recommend suitable carbon materials for them according to the application field of customers’ product. And according to the drawings or product dimension provided by the customer, select the appropriate blank size for machining, effectively reduce the waste of raw materials and reduce the price of the product.

    Karssen attaches great importance to the customer's order experience, and will provide one-to-one service to customers. After the customer places an order, we will closely follow the production progress of the product, and timely feedback the product dynamics to the customer.

    The staff of Karssen have rich experience in exporting graphite and carbon products, and they will safely deliver the goods to customers according to the international trade terms according to the working process.

    Karssen adheres to the concept of "product quality is above everything else, service creates value", puts "integrity management" in the first place, treats every customer well, does every product well, sends every shipment well. And makes ourselves as a good helper for customers, let customers succeed through our services.




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Phone: +86 18147353336

Tel: +86 18147353336


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+86 18147353336