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Brief introduction of Pyrolytic Graphite material (PG)

Pyrolytic graphite is a graphite material that is deposited on a graphite substrate after cracking hydrocarbon gas at high temperature. It has some unique properties, such as: high density, high purity, impermeability, corrosion resistance, high crystal orientation and anisotropy of thermal, electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties. It is a graphite material widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronic devices, semiconductors, chemical medicine, biomedicine and other fields.

(Pyrolytic graphite photos of various specifications)

Technical performance:

    1. Density: 2.18~2.20g/cm3;

    2. Compressive strength: 83.6 MPa ab direction;

    3. Tensile strength: 75 MPa ab direction;

    4. Purity (impurity content) 0.02-0.005%;

    5. Thermal conductivity: 0.9 cal/cm.s.ab direction, close to copper material;

                 5×10-3 cal/cm.s.c direction, equivalent to ceramic material;

    6. Coefficient of thermal expansion: 3.2×10-6/ab direction

    7. Resistivity: 2×10-4 Ω.cm ab direction

                  0.6Ω.cm c direction

    8. Air tightness: helium transmission rate <10-10cm2

    9. Inter-grain spacing: 3.42Å


1. Pyrolytic graphite tubes, cylinders, crucibles, pyrolytic graphite grids, etc.

The crucible made of pyrolytic graphite can melt rare and precious metals; the pyrolytic graphite grid can be used as the grid of high-power electron tube instead of the aluminum grid, which can increase power and prolong life.

(Pyrolytic graphite crucible)

(Pyrolytic graphite grid)

2. Pyrolytic graphite coating

A dense pyrolytic graphite layer can be deposited on the outer surface of graphite products of various shapes to improve the purity, strength, and corrosion resistance of graphite substrates. It helps semiconductor industry silicon epitaxy heating bases, atomic absorption graphite tubes, various graphite heating bodies and heaters to improve the corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and leakage prevention capabilities of the product surface.

(Atomic Absorption Tube Surface Coating)


3. Pyrolytic graphite plates, balls, etc.

Pyrolytic graphite plates are used to make small rocket engine nozzle throat linings, high-purity graphite heaters, high-performance brushes for contact voltage regulators, etc. Pyrolytic graphite balls are used for anti-magnetic levitation devices in weightlessness.




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