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Do you know the usage and precautions of carburant?

Steps to use the carburant:

1. After placing one-third of the charge at the bottom of the electric furnace, place the calculated carburant on the charge, and then put the remaining charge on the top as required. For example, when the charge above is large, some broken charge should be pressed on the carburant to prevent flotation from affecting the absorption rate.

2. Adding materials, the order of adding materials is a small amount of iron cutting, carburant , scrap steel, and returning material.

3. Basically, the absorption of carburant is more than 88% and less than 95%, and the temperature rises to 1560 degrees. The slag can be removed from the oven.

Precautions for the use of carburants:

1. Pay attention to the addition time of the carburant

If the addition time of the carburant is too early, it is easy to make it adhere to the vicinity of the furnace bottom, and the carburant attached to the furnace wall is not easy to be melted into the molten iron. On the contrary, if the addition time is too late, the opportunity to increase carbon will be lost, resulting in the delay of smelting and heating time.

2. Pay attention to reserve some molten iron

Don't finish the molten iron in the furnace, reserve part of the molten iron, then add carburant, iron filings, scrap steel, etc. If the carburant is directly added to the furnace bottom, the burning loss of the carburant will be too large. It is better to reserve a part of molten iron at the furnace bottom, or put a part of iron filings at the furnace bottom, which will absorb higher.

3. Be careful not to add at one time

When adding, do not add the carburant at one time, but add it several times. Adding too much carburant at one time may cause the carburant to be difficult to absorb; Big ash content, uneven particle distribution, big nitrogen content in the carburant, will result many problem in the finished product, etc. Therefore, it is better to add the carburant little by little in the process of adding the metal charge.

4. Choose a carburant with less nitrogen content

Carburants are non-metallic materials. At this stage, people mainly distinguish the types of carburants by nitrogen content and sulfur content. The larger the amount of scrap added to the electric furnace, the larger the nitrogen content of molten iron.

5. The temperature of molten iron is around 1500 degrees

The time when molten iron reaches about 1500 degrees temperature, is the time to add carburant . The carburant is added to the clean liquid surface of the scraped slag. After a few minutes, the temperature is suitable and the furnace can be released. Don't pay attention to the residual carburant that is not absorbed by the liquid surface, because it can also be absorbed during the impact stirring process of the molten iron.




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