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Graphite Heater

Graphite Heater

Product Description:

Graphite heaters are mainly used for high-temperature heating of various industrial kilns and melting furnaces.
As graphite materials are widely used, people's requirements for its performance are getting higher and higher, so the graphite heaters we produce are also designed and produced according to the needs of users.
There are generally two types: one is ordinary tubular heaters (such as heating tubes, tubular electric heating tubes, etc.); the other is graphite heaters that can be rotated, adjusted or automatically adjusted electronic pulse tube).
Ordinary tubular heaters (such as carbonized tubes or electric heating wires) are most used because they heat up quickly and work stably, but the cost is high; while rotating tubular heaters (such as resistance wire/electromagnetic tube heating) are easy to use, but their power Larger and unstable, slow heating.
1. Fast heating speed
Graphite heater has high power density and high heat flux;
Under the same process conditions, the average size of the heating tube is much larger than that of the carbonized tube.
Generally, the heat exchange time of the carbonization tube heater is 6-8 minutes, while the heat exchange time of the graphite heater heater can reach 10-15 minutes; the heating speed can be accelerated by about 5 times;
2. Long service life
When the graphite heater is working, due to its good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and large thermal expansion coefficient, the heater runs stably and has a long life; the graphite heater is made of high-quality natural graphite as raw material and processed by high technology A high-performance heater; the graphite heater shell is made of high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance; the graphite heater has a long service life (about the long life of a carbonized tube or electric heating wire heater), energy saving ( About 1/3 of the whole kiln power). High temperature resistance, its use temperature can reach above 1200 ℃. Imported high-temperature-resistant materials are used, so that it can be used for a long time at a temperature of 1600-1800 ° C or even higher.
3. High security
In industrial high-temperature furnaces, the safety of use is very important, and it is one of the important components of industrial production. The graphite heater adopts a new type of safety protection device and reliable protection system. Monitor the working conditions in the furnace, the operation of the equipment and the voltage of the power supply. Once abnormal conditions are found, an audible and visual alarm will be issued or the power supply will be automatically cut off. It has overload protection and temperature protector to prevent the heater from being damaged or affecting the service life of the heater due to overheating; the graphite heater uses high-quality graphite as the heat conduction medium for heating, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance and long service life;

4. Environmental protection and energy saving
Graphite heater is a heating equipment with low energy consumption, no pollution, no noise; graphite heater will not produce harmful gas and smoke during use, the smoke is composed of metal oxides and impurities; due to the good thermal conductivity of graphite , does not need any insulation measures during heating; graphite heater has good thermal performance, high thermal efficiency (above 95%), and long service life; graphite heater will not pollute the environment;





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